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HCBS Waiver Approved

I am pleased to announce that the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver for Adults with Developmental Disabilities has been approved with an effective date of July 1, 2017. The renewed waiver will continue to serve individuals age 18 or older who meet an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities level of care.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your many contributions to the waiver renewal process. Additionally, I'd like to recognize and thank Reta Hoskin for her many contributions to the renewal process before her retirement, and a "special thanks" goes to the entire DD Waiver unit for their hard work, patience and perseverance under the leadership of Stephanie Leach.

The approved waiver can be found at: The major changes can be found on page one of the waiver.

With the approval of the adult waiver and the two children's waivers earlier in the year, the Division is looking forward to collaborating with stakeholders to ensure continued waiver compliance and obtaining consensus on amendments to the waivers that will advance systems change initiatives.

Bureau of Quality Management Waiver Recipient Reviews

As most providers are aware, Quality Reviewers conduct interviews with Adult Waiver Recipients during the review process.

Reviewers are trained initially and retrained annually on two interview tools:

The National Core Indicator Survey: "National Core Indicators (NCI) TM is a voluntary effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance. The core indicators are standard measures used across states to assess the outcomes of services provided to individuals and families. Indicators address key areas of concern including employment, rights, service planning, community inclusion, choice, and health and safety."(

Further information can be found at the following website:

The Council on Quality and Leadership Personal Outcome Measures Interview: "Personal Outcome Measures® are a powerful tool to ensure supports and services are truly person-centered. In a Personal Outcome Measures® interview, 21 indicators are used to understand the presence, importance and achievement of outcomes, involving choice, health, safety, social capital, relationships, rights, goals, dreams, employment and more. The insight gained during a Personal Outcome Measures® interview can then be used to inform a person-centered plan, and at an aggregate level, influence an organization's strategic plan. For decades, they have been an effective data set for valid and reliable measurement of individual quality of life" ( The interview measures nine of the 21 Personal Outcome Measures taught by the Council on Quality and Leadership. The nine personal outcomes align with Division outcomes and will help guide direction for service delivery. Interviewers have been trained by CQL. Five reviewers have earned the designation as certified interviewers and two are in the process of obtaining it.

Further information about CQL, their products and accreditations can be found at the following website:

For questions or further information, please feel free to call or email Pamela Manning at 217-782-8269 /

Person Centered Planning - Guideline Changes

Provider Signature Page - New Language: The Provider Signature Page of the Personal Plan is to be signed by all community providers who will be billing for services, within 10 calendar days of receipt of the Plan. The community provider is to send the ISC a copy of this completed page. Previously, there was no language addressing a time frame for the Provider Signature Page to be completed.

Implementation Strategy Completed - Change in Language: The provider has 20 calendar days to complete their Implementation Strategy. The 20 calendar days begin with the date of the signature on the Provider Signature Page. There are no requirements to obtain ISC approval of the implementation strategies. Individual/guardians must agree with the proposed strategies and a copy must be provided to the ISC. The previous language indicated the provider had 21 calendar days from the signing of the Provider Signature Page.

Outcomes Identified in the Personal Plan - New Language: It is expected that each individual in DD Waiver services has at least one outcome. An outcome is not required for each service that is provided. An outcome may reflect something the individual desires that is not currently present or it may reflect something that is already present and they want to maintain. This is a change to what the Division has previously indicated.

Changes to the Personal Plan: Revisions and Edits - New Language: All Personal Plans must be completed every 365 days.

When there is a significant change in the individual's wellbeing (medical or behavioral), the ISC must revise the Discovery Tool and Personal Plan to ensure that these documents accurately reflect the current preferences, desires, abilities and support needs of the individual. This constitutes a revision to the Personal Plan prior to the 365 day requirement. When a Plan is revised:

  • The ISC must select "Revision" on page one of the Personal Plan, under "Check type of Plan".
  • New signatures (and dates) are required from the individual, guardian(s) and ISC.
  • The last signature date of the individual, guardian(s) and ISC becomes the annual renewal date for the Personal Plan.
  • A new Provider Signature Page(s) should be completed along with new Implementation Strategies.

When the ISC becomes aware of the need to add or subtract an outcome or service, the Plan can be edited prior to the 365 days requirement. When a Plan is edited:

  • The Discovery Tool should be reviewed and updated as needed (if discrepancies are identified).
  • It is not necessary to obtain new signatures from the individual, guardian(s) or ISC.
  • The annual renewal date is not reset.

Succession Management Planning

In the last several months, Patrick Coneff, Acting Assistant Center Direct at Kiley Center, has provided training on the topic of Succession Management Planning. He has met with leadership staff at the seven state operated developmental centers and central office to share important concepts regarding the planning process. As we move into the new year, it is expected that all leadership staff will examine their departments for future "all stars" and incorporate the tools from the training to mentor tomorrow's leaders.

I want to recognize Patrick for his outstanding efforts and hard work associated with this training. In order to prepare for this training, Patrick attended a Succession Management Workshop and then worked on a presentation incorporating best practice models and tools to be used at each site. Thank you, Patrick, for your dedication to this important topic!

Trainer's Corner-Quality Enhancement Unit

Civility in the Workplace: The Cost of Incivility

This section explains how subtle and blatant acts of rudeness and inconsideration in the workplace equate to customer complaints, higher employee turnover, and lower production of work. Uncivil behavior seems harmless, although its impact can be much more serious.

Consider the following negative effects of incivility in the workplace:

  • High Employee Turnover: Incivility in the workplace is a top reason for employee resignations. Even employees who enjoy their compensation, and are working a job they enjoy, would feel compelled to find another job when harassed, bullied and disrespected by their co-workers on a regular basis.
  • Poor Company Production: Rudeness from co-workers creates stress in the workplace, which makes it difficult for employees to concentrate. Hostile work environments result in high absenteeism, leaves of absences due to stress related illness and less productivity as it results in less staff doing more work.
  • Stress at the workplace: Stress due to incivility can even spill over to an employee's home life. A study by Keashly and Jagaic in 2000 revealed that 16.7% of a random sample of respondents experience "severe disruptions of their lives from workplace aggression". More alarmingly, "incivility can create a chain reaction that will ultimately lead to company loss." Research shows that when someone at work has treated them disrespectfully, half will lose work time worrying about future interactions with the instigator, and half will contemplate changing jobs to avoid a reoccurrence. One-fourth of research shows that respondents who feel that they have been treated in an uncivil manner will intentionally cut back their work efforts.
  • Health Costs: Health-related costs due to workplace stress as a result of incivility means financial losses for agencies. The financial liability of a company for an employee who develops a health problem or disorder due to workplace stress can become very costly depending on the gravity of the developed health issue.

To learn more about Civility in the Workplace or if you are interested in attending an upcoming training, please contact Chris Bourn at / 217-782-3059 or Ron Cooley at / 217-557-8272

Center on Victimization and Safety: End Abuse Webinar Series

The Center on Victimization and Safety is presenting a six part webinar series in 2018 titled "End Abuse of People with Disabilities". The first webinar will be offered January 23, 2018 and will focus on legal advocacy for people with disabilities.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

Save the dates for the rest of the webinars in the End Abuse series:

  • March 13, 2018
  • May 15, 2018
  • July 17, 2018
  • August 14, 2018
  • September 18, 2018

Employee Appreciation Committee: Bake Sale and Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

On December 14, the Employee Appreciation Committee (EAC) hosted a Holiday Bake Sale and Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at the Division's Central Office! Several employees donated their favorite treats for sale and everyone enjoyed them. The event was a great success bringing in $242.00 in sales, which will be used toward future employee appreciation events. Tahney Fletcher was the big winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. She was all decked out from head to toe and her sweater lit up with actual Christmas lights! A good time was had by all!

Pictured above from left to right: Christina Miller, Celia Weatherford, Tameka Sipes, Jenny Spraggs, Maria Prewitt, Betty Elliott, Ron Cooley, Joyce McGrady, Tahney Fletcher and Deb Alexander

Pictured above: Tahney Fletcher, the winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

State Operated Developmental Center News

SODC Regional Basketball Championship Game: The Second Annual SODC Regional Championship Game was once again a great success. The support and generosity of the Special Olympics Committee, SODC Operations, Cafe 64 and the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and all of the staff who volunteered their service and time made this event a success. The gym was packed with IDOC leadership, staff, and 120 cadets! The game itself was a true nail biter. The Choate Panthers came out with a growl, dead set on keeping the championship title and trophy in their paws! They led in scoring the first and second quarters. In the third quarter, The Shapiro Stars lit up the gym with a series of three-point shots. By the fourth quarter the score was tied 38-38 with 2 minutes 24 seconds on the clock! Choate made a layup with 15 seconds on the clock, taking back the lead 40-38. The Stars, in their final drive with eight seconds left on the clock, started their drive down the court. With three seconds left on the clock, a three point shot go! Choate Panthers take the win in 2017! They will hold onto the trophy for another year!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and all are looking forward to the 2018 season!

Pictured above: Choate Panthers: 2017 SODC Basketball Champions!

Pictured above: Shapiro Stars: Second Place Winners!

Choate Center: Scout Crew #7851 collected food items for two weeks at Choate and delivered 153 items to our local food bank, Shawnee Alliance on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Fox Center: Fox Center held its annual Christmas Luncheon and Employee Recognition Awards on Friday, December 8, 2017. Each year, the Parents' Group provides a feast for Fox employees. In recent years, the luncheon has been combined to include recognition of employees who have achieved milestones in their years of state service.

Fox Center: Fox Center received its annual donation from the Lions organization. It is through their generosity that each individual residing at Fox Center receives a Christmas gift.

Kiley Center: On Saturday, December 2nd, Kiley Center held its annual Holiday Open House and Snowball Dance. The individuals enjoyed cake and refreshments.

Ludeman Center: Elisabeth Ludeman Center (ELC) United Singers are preparing to learn Christmas songs to sing during the Holiday Season.

Ludeman Center: Ludeman Educational, Vocational, Recreational, Activity Services (LEVRAS) participants will be making and sending out Christmas Cards to Friends and Families of Ludeman.

Mabley Center: A group of individuals and staff attended Disney on Ice at the Tax Slayer Center in Moline. The event was exciting, colorful and fun. The group went out to eat after the show.

Mabley Center: The Deaf Association Christmas party took place on Dec 9th with 25 volunteers at the center. Members purchased Christmas gifts for all Mabley residents. A Christmas program was presented in sign language and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus was the highlight of the show.

Pictured above: Members of the Deaf Association

Pictured above: Dawn with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Pictured above: Mark with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Murray Center: Due to some very energetic and generous staff we are having a "Winter Wonderland" display in the middle of the Murray Center grounds. There are plans for a "Santa" house, and all kinds of decorations. We are looking for donations of Christmas lights, decorations, and any other Christmas items that can be used in an outside display. We are making plans for Santa Claus to visit the center several times this Christmas season. If you have donations they can be dropped off at the Administration Building or on Daisy Cottage. Thanks in advance for the donations.

Pictured above from left to right: Jacob House, Carmen Pace, Andy Schoppet, Travis Golden, James Young, and Chris Harrington enjoying the holiday lights!

Murray Center: The basketball season is back in full swing at Murray Center. The Murray Mustangs had a game on 12/2/17 at Rend Lake College. They are scheduled to play Sunday December 17th in Decatur.

Shapiro Center: Across campus individuals have been having fun decorating their areas for Christmas. Over the weekend many enjoyed putting up their trees and adorning them with ornaments. Individuals also enjoyed learning how to make homemade hot cocoa and cookies.

Shapiro Center: On Saturday, December 2nd individuals enjoyed attending a Christmas Party with their Best Buddies at Olivet Nazarene University. Individuals and their Best Buddies enjoyed spending quality time with one another, exchanging gifts, and dancing to music. A wonderful time was had by all!

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment

Finally, I can no longer restrain myself from commenting on the ever-expanding list of celebrities, business men and public officials accused of sexual misconduct. And once again, a serious and important issue has become politicized, which could delay - or derail - a long overdue national conversation on sexual harassment and sexual abuse. For most Americans, it's not about politics, but simply about right and wrong. As such, it's a sad commentary on our society when political gains are placed ahead of principle and human dignity. While it has been difficult to hear so many different accounts of mistreatment in the workplace, I believe this a teachable moment in our history that can be used to transform the workplace culture in a way that ensures all women - and all employees - are treated with the dignity and respect that we all deserve.

I am pleased to a report that the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) has zero tolerance for sexual harassment or any form of discrimination. Shortly, IDHS will be requiring all employees to undergo training in sexual harassment to heighten awareness about this important topic and what employees should do if they observe or are subjected to sexual harassment, discrimination or abuse in the workplace.

Interestingly, the media attention on sexual misconduct has caused many men to think about their interactions with women in the workplace both now and in the past. While most of the men accused of misconduct have denied it, a small number have apologized for their misbehavior and a few have even stated that their misconduct was not indicative of who they are. I disagree - I believe it is very much indicative of who they are, and here's why. In my humble opinion, it boils down to character - which defines who we are as a person. Unlike other personal and leadership qualities, character cannot be learned or taught because it's inborn - you either have good character or you don't. And if you have good character, then you simply don't engage in this type of behavior and there's never a need to worry about anything that you've done in your past - because it's simply not in your character.

Have a great week and a very safe and happy holiday season!