Rehabilitation Services Grant Information - FY2019

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

All potential grantees must make certain the following things are completed before IDHS staff are allowed to accept a grant application:

  • Register with the GATA system
  • Complete the ICQ on the GATA system
  • Register and be in good standing with the Secretary of State (does not apply to government entities and schools)

For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

Note: For best results, use the Internet Explorer browser when accessing the GATA and IDHS systems.

Rehabilitation Services Grant Information

CSFA Number Grant Title Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Questions & Answers Grant Application Programmatic Risk Assessment
444-30-0189 DHS Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind 19-444-30-0189-01 Q&A-0189 UGA Form-0189 (pdf) PRA-0189

Rehabilitation Services NON-NOFO Information

CSFA Number Title Program Type Programmatic Risk Assessment
444-30-1167 DHS Independent Living State Grants CIL PRA-CIL
444-30-1288 Title XX DFI Job Placement & Training (DRS) DFI PRA-DFI
444-30-1288 Title XX DFI Job Placement & Training (DRS) DFI PRA-DFI-DeafBlind
444-21-0614 DHS Home Services Program HSP-CRP PRA-HSP-CRP
444-21-0614 DHS Home Services Program HSP-Fraud PRA-HSP-FRAUD

Uniform Grant BudgetBudget template and instructions can be used as a tool to assist in determining expenses; however, the final budget must be completed inCSA Budget/Tracking System and Registration Information database. The pdf budget or paper copy will not be accepted.