1. Question: Are you looking for a provider to serve state-wide or can we limit service to the Chicago area.
    Answer: The OT specialized assessment is applicable to all Williams Class Members who are referred, regardless of where they currently reside. It is the responsibility of the facilities to arrange transportation. So, since there are 24 SMHRFs, statewide, then it would be applicable - statewide.
  2. Question: Will our budget be determined by the hourly rate * hours per member per assessment * number of members assessed that we are able to invoice. If so, we need to know the number of assessments anticipated during the project period to know how much funding we can expect to receive and therefore how much we can budget for costs
    Answer: The $75/hr rate only applies to the staff hours spent on each assessment ($75.00 per hour for 5 hours, per Class Member (on-site assimilation) and $75.00 additional per hour for 3 hours (off-site natural environments), if necessary.). There may be other ancillary costs associated with the assessments which each provider may include in their budget submission as well.