To be eligible for a Grant Renewal, all grantees must complete the Pre-Qualification Process, Internal Controls Questionnaire, Programmatic Risk Assessment and Grant Application.  The Grant Application and Programmatic Risk Assessment are to be completed for every program/grant.  See Grant Application Information and Instructions webpage for more detail.

At the time of application, all Bureau grantees must submit for each grant program the following documents:

Submission Dates and Times

Applications must be received no later than 12:00p.m. (noon) on Monday, April 30, 2018. Extensions may be approved with formal request via email to program administrator.

Submit the completed grant application package utilizing the CMS File Transfer Utility located at SUBMIT THE COMPLETED GRANT APPLICATION TO:

The Last 4 digits of CSFA #0846

Provider Organization Name - For example, 846 Jane's DV Agency or 846 HOPE Agency

Note: Everything is being tracked by the CSFA number, so it is important that all required materials and correspondence contain this information.