Effective Date: 01/01/03
Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.110

Policy Statement:

Parents are responsible for providing income verification and all other information required by the Department in order to determine eligibility for child care services.


  1. Verification of Applications

    Parents must provide true, correct and complete information at application or redetermination. Springfield Child Care and Development and CCR&R staff are to use available state data bases to verify the information received. The Illinois Public Aid Communication System (IPACS) is a good source of information regarding the families applying for child care subsidy. This system can provide information such as verified social security numbers, income, family composition, child support, unemployment compensation and SSI/SSA.
    The information in IPACS is not to be used to automatically deny or cancel a case. If the IPACS information is not consistent with the information received, the client must be given the opportunity to show that the information they have submitted is accurate. If there is a conflict, request additional information.
    The Bureau is presently conducting IPACS training statewide. The training will ensure staff are properly trained in the use of the system, that all applications are reviewed in the same way, and that the information gained from the system is applied to each case in the same manner. Staff who have received the training must submit a monthly IPACS Tracking Report. The report lists the results of verifying applications using the IPACS system. Upon completion of the training and review of the results listed in the IPACS Tracking Reports, final procedures will be distributed. Until that time, the IPACS Training Manual for Child Care Assistance Specialists is to be followed as the Bureau's procedures for the use of IPACS. Verification of Employment Documentation
    Site Administered Providers and CCR&R staff may call the employer to verify the validity of employment documentation submitted if a client submits an Employment Verification Letter, an Employment and Income Verification form, or a computer printout. If there is reason to question the documentation submitted, call the employer for verification.

  2. Verification of All Other Information

    Staff are empowered to verify any other information whenever there is a reasonable question to clarify an issue.