WAG 19-07-04.

revised textCases in EZ REDE status are redetermined every 6 months. REDEs alternate between a face-to-face REDE and a mail-in REDE. A case in EZ REDE must have a face-to-face REDE before it can be enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting (see PM 19-07-01, WAG 19-07-04-b, WAG 19-07-04-d).

Mail-in EZ REDE

revised textIf the last REDE was a face-to-face, then the next REDE would be a mail-in.  A mail-in REDE remains in EZ REDE status until the next 6-months when the face-to-face REDE is due. When the face-to-face REDE is approved for the regular roll month the case is enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting status.

Face-to-Face REDE

revised textUpon approval for the regular roll month, a face-to-face REDE is enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting status with a 12-month approval period.

Most cases in EZ REDE status can complete their face-to-face or mail-in REDE using the Phone System Interview (PM 19-07-04-a, WAG 19-07-04-a). 

NOTE: For processing redeterminations on TANF Earned Income cases without SNAP benefits, see PM 19-02-01-c.