Cash Case

Use Item 32 to certify:

  • a P4 or P6 (TANF) case that was presumptively eligible. Enter the earliest month (MM) and year (YY) for which ongoing eligibility was established.
  • a P3 client for whom matching federal funds were stopped with the SSI determination of "not disabled". In Item 32, enter the date of the Item 80 code 373.

Active Case - Assist, Moms and Babies, AABD Medical, QMB Only, SLIB Only, or QI-1 Only

At approval, a date that is 12 months from the month of approval is centrally entered. For active cases, Item 32 is centrally updated to a date that is 12 months from the date entered in Item 30.

Canceled Case - Family Health Spenddown or AABD Medical With a Spenddown

When it is necessary to change the spenddown status of a canceled case from unmet to met, enter the last month and year for which medical eligibility is being authorized. This is the last month and year of the enrollment period.

When you add a person to a canceled Medical case, enter the month and year of ending medical coverage. This date may not be later than the last month of the established 12-month period. The last day of the ending month is centrally entered.

Canceled Case - P3

When the client is found disabled by SSA and P3 assistance was canceled within the past 12 months, use Item 32 to show that DHS is entitled to matching Federal funds for the P3 medical assistance (see WAG 03-09-09).

When BENDEX/SDX show the client was found disabled, the certification date is centrally entered. When the FCRC receives the SSA disability information and there is no reapplication action on the P3 number, the FCRC enters the certification date.