PM 24-05-03

new textChild Support income is not considered for medical programs that are subject to the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) budgeting methodology.

revised textFor cash and non-MAGI medical programs, when determining ongoing eligibility, disregard the following:

  • Any earmarked support paid to HFS and redirected to the client. Earmarked support is not reported on Form 1661 and is not included in the collection amount shown on the form.
  • Up to $50 of the child support reported on Form 1661 for pass through purposes. Use the remaining amount to determine ongoing eligibility. If the case is still eligible, no additional action is required. If the case is ineligible, send Form 157 and cancel benefits.

When determining eligibility for TANF cash, disregard up to $50 of the current non-earmarked child support payments anticipated to be received by the applicant. The amount to be disregarded cannot however, be more than the amount of the support order. If eligibility exists do not budget current child support payments anticipated to be received during the IPE period.

  • A periodic extra child support payment. (To determine a periodic extra payment, review the frequency and amount of child support as shown on Form 1760 or KIDS.

revised textIf the TANF case is determined ineligible due to the receipt of or increase in child support, SWAP the case to medical only using TAR 24, 'Receipt of child support', and following procedures described in PM 18-02-02.

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