WAG 24-05-02-d

Budget support payments sent to the client by the Clerk of the Circuit Court or the noncustodial parent. If the client does not forward the money to HFS, budget it against the cash benefit or apply it to the Medical Standard. Disregard up to $50 pass through. Budget the payment as unearned income for the payment month that corresponds to the budget month in which the support was received. An overpayment exists if:

  • the support is not reported by the client; or
  • the support kept by the client is not budgeted for the corresponding payment month.

For TANF, overpayments are subject to recoupment (see PM 23-05-01-a). When determining the amount of the overpayment, exempt:

  • up to $50 per month as pass through; and
  • the amount of any earmarked support paid, if applicable.

All support payments kept by the client are considered as income until:

  • the client forwards the support payment to HFS as required; or
  • the DCSE obtains an order payable to HFS; or
  • the client verifies that the noncustodial parent has stopped making payments.