WAG 24-05-01-d

TANF/AABD Cash Units

When child support payments are not forwarded for a TANF/AABD Cash client, allow a pass through disregard up to $50 when budgeting against the benefit amount.

Family Health Plans/AABD Medical Units

Child Support payments received by a client are unearned income. Up to $50 of the total current non-earmarked child support paid by a noncustodial parent(s) in a month is exempt(disregarded). Disregard this amount when comparing the income of a FHP/AABD Medical child to the Medical standard.

When a child support order or voluntary payment is $50 per month or more and monthly payments received are less than $50, exempt the amount received when comparing income to the Medical standard. Also, if the support order or voluntary payment is less than $50, disregard the amount paid up to $50.

When more than one child in a family receives child support, divide the Pass Through payment or disregard by the number of children receiving child support who also receive TANF/AABD cash and FHP/AABD Medical when comparing to the Medical standard.