WAG 24-05-01-a

Count child support payments received by TANF units as unearned income. A maximum of $50 per month per case is paid as Pass Through, regardless of the number of absent parents making child support payments each month. This includes ordered or voluntary support.

Up to $50 of the total current non-earmarked child support paid by a noncustodial parent(s) in a month is exempt income when determining initial and ongoing eligibility for TANF. Do not budget a Pass Through payment against the TANF payment amount. Pass through payments are not exempt when budgeting for SNAP benefits. See PM 13-02-00 for SNAP budgeting.

If the orders for current non-earmarked child support are added together and the total monthly payment is less than $50, exempt as Pass Through only the amount of current support received. Follow the same policy for voluntary payments of less than $50 in a month.