WAG 21-06-10-a

During the sanction period, the person is ineligible for SNAP.  deleted manual text The sanction period may end early if the person becomes exempt. The SNAP sanction does not end early if the person complies with program requirements.

A person who violates any of the SNAP work provisions (see PM 03-15-00) without good cause, is sanctioned from receiving SNAP benefits for:

1st violation: 3 fiscal months
2nd violation: 3 fiscal months
3rd or more violations: 6 fiscal months

The first month of the sanction period is the first fiscal month following the end of the 10-day timely notice period. If the person appeals, stop the action pending the appeal decision.

After the end of the sanction period, the person may qualify for SNAP benefits if:

  • the person was sanctioned for the full length of the sanction period; and
  • an application is filed if the case was canceled or denied as a result of the sanction, or a request is made to add the person to an active case if the case remained eligible when the person was sanctioned; and
  • all other eligibility factors are met.