WAG 21-06-09

The conciliation process and sanctions do not apply to Earnfare deleted text.

Do an assessment and reassign an Earnfare customer into another countable activity if they fail to cooperate or meet participation requirements. A customer may be sanctioned if they do not comply after conciliation.

The conciliation process:

  • determines why a nonexempt SNAP customer failed or refused to comply with SNAP E & T requirements;
  • determines whether good cause exists; and
  • provides the person another chance to comply.

Conciliation must be conducted before sanctions are imposed. 

  • The provider is responsible for the conciliation appointment and agreements once the customer is enrolled in their program.
  • The FCRC is responsible for conducting a conciliation for customers who fail to engage in the intial appointment with a provider.

The conciliation period begins the day after Family Community Resource Center staff learn the customer did not comply with requirements. The period continues for up to 30 calendar days.

During this period, a notice is sent scheduling the conciliation meeting. If it is determined that good cause does not exist, inform the customer of the specific requirement and the consequences of not complying. The customer is told what is needed to comply and the date by which it must be done to avoid sanction.

This date cannot be later than the last day of the conciliation period. If necessary provide transportation expenses to enable the customers to attend conciliation meetings.

The customer must act to comply within the conciliation period, unless unable to do so by events beyond their control. The act of compliance must be verified. If the customer refuses to comply without good cause, end the conciliation period early and proceed to sanction. The customer's refusal to comply must be documented in the Family Community Resource Center case record.

If the customer does not comply during the conciliation period, the sanction action is approved no later than the last day of the period. The sanction may be retracted if it is later verified that the customer complied by the end of the period.