WAG 21-06-07-c.

Job Readiness activities are only allowable as part of another activity. Job Readiness can include counseling, job placement services, skills assessment, job seeking skills training, life skills workshops, phone bank skills sessions, and information sharing about the labor market. A maximum of 8 employer contacts per month may be required.

Participation in Job Readiness is for a minimum of 2 sessions per month for 2-4 hours a session. The length of time a person participates in Job Readiness as part of another countable activity may vary.

Job Readiness gives the client a chance to return to work by refining job seeking and interviewing skills through intensive training.

  1. Approval Criteria

    The individual must need help in obtaining job seeking skills, career planning, and interviewing techniques. 

  2. Entry Into the Component

    Clients may be assigned to this component as part of their Employability Plan (EP). 

  3. Component Requirements
    1. Nonexempt clients are expected to take part in a full-time program unless:
      • a full-time program is not readily available; or
      • a part-time program is the most appropriate.
    2. The client must attend all scheduled classes or sessions and make satisfactory progress as defined by the written policy of the Job Readiness provider.
    3. The client must make a good faith effort to complete up to 8 employer contacts in a 30-day period, when required. Do not sanction nonexempt clients for failure to make the required number and types of job contacts if they have made a good faith effort. See PM 21-06-10-c for good faith effort.
    4. The client must respond to a job referral, accept suitable employment, and respond to call-in notices for interviews.
  4. Supportive Services

    Pay for transportation expenses to attend the Job Readiness sessions at the most reasonable cost. If the client's own vehicle is the most economical means of transportation, approve the rate of 15¢ per mile.

    If the client is required to make at least 8 contacts in a 30-day period, allow them up to $5 per month for employer contact activity.