WAG 21-06-06

Work with the client to establish a written Employability Plan (EP) based on the information obtained during the assessment. The plan must contain:

  • the specific employment goals;
  • the SNAP E & T activity assignment;
  • the supportive services that must be provided or arranged in order to help the client take part in the activity and obtain the employment goals;
  • a statement that the supportive services have been provided by the Department or otherwise arranged, including an explanation of the specific arrangements and services provided.

Supportive services may include:

  • transportation to and from the work site or assignment at the most reasonable rate;
  • employment-required physical exams prior to employment, if not available through a local Health Service Agency or the employer;
  • vocational rehabilitation;
  • required books, fees, supplies;
  • clothing allowance for Earnfare participation up to $100 in a 12-month period;
  • mandatory fees; and
  • revised textjob retention supports which include those items specified in PM 21-06-11-f. The total amount ofrevised text job retention supports provided must not exceed $400 in any 12 consecutive months.

SNAP E & T participation is not required if supportive services are needed for effective participation but are unavailable.