WAG 21-06-03

Family Community Resource Center staff must advise nonexempt customers of SNAP E & T requirements. add textIn Cook County, the FCRC where the application is filed (Office of Choice) is responsible. Give The SNAP Employment Training Program brochure to a nonexempt customer at Intake or whenever an exempt person becomes nonexempt. This will serve as the Orientation. Explain:

  • the assessment process and Employability Plan;
  • SNAP E & T, including Earnfare;
  • program and activity requirements;
  • job search allowances and other support services;
  • what qualifies as an acceptable employer contact and a "good faith" effort for making a job contact;
  • exemption criteria;
  • Earnfare payments, maximum Earnfare payment amounts, policy regarding Earnfare noncompliance; and
  • SNAP sanction, good cause, and conciliation.

All nonexempt customers must comply with the following requirements:

  • SNAP E & T activities such as Assessment, Employability Plan (EP) Development, and all component activities;
  • respond to job referrals;
  • accept a bona fide offer of suitable employment;
  • continue employment;
  • not voluntarily reduce earnings; and
  • register with and appear for interviews through DES.

Complying with SNAP E & T means:

  • providing information on background, education level, work history, and factors affecting employability or ability to meet program criteria (e.g., health or family problems); and
  • appearing for scheduled meetings; and
  • complying with the requirements of the SNAP E & T components.

Any nonexempt customer who fails to comply with SNAP E & T requirements without good cause or who fails to register for, accept, or continue employment, may be sanctioned. See PM 21-06-10 for SNAP E & T sanctions and PM 21-06-10-d for good cause reasons.

Refer to DCSS a noncustodial parent who fails to cooperate with a court order to comply with the Earnfare requirement, though they remain eligible for the SNAP Program, if they receive SNAP benefits.

Nonexempt customers who fail to comply without good cause:

  • during the assessment process are subject to revised texta SNAP sanction;
  • after an assessment or who fail to register for, accept, or continue employment, are subject to a SNAP sanction.

Do not require SNAP E & T participation if:

  • a contracted provider slot is not available for effective participation.
  • supportive services are needed for effective participation, but are unavailable from DHS or some other source; or
  • the customer's monthly allowable supportive service expense is more then the maximum amount allowed.

A customer may be required to take part in a different activity or a less costly activity.