WAG 21-06-01

A mandatory SNAP Employment and Training (E & T) Program will operate in designated areas (WAG 21-06-01) of the State that have SNAP E & T Job Placement Provider slots available. 

The Family Community Resource Center (FCRCs) in the designated areas will refer nonexempt customers to the providers to the extent that slots are available and ensure that provider slots are filled each month on a first come, first serve basis.

If a sanction occurs, the vacant slot of the sanctioned person is filled with another nonexempt person to ensure that all slots are filled to capacity monthly.

SNAP E & T participation is not required of a customer until a provider slot is available to refer them to for effective participation.

Participation and compliance with the SNAP E & T activities is mandatory for a SNAP person who:

  • is age 18 through age 49; and
  • receives benefits in an revised textadult only Category 08 or 94 case coded with a K in Item 25; and
  • is not exempt.

A person is exempt if they are:

  • a member of an SNAP unit with children under age 18; or
  • physically or mentally unable to work, see WAG 03-15-02 for acceptable verification; or
  • pregnant; or
  • a student, enrolled at least half-time (students of higher education must meet student eligibility requirements [see PM 03-04-03]); or
  • responsible for care of an incapacitated person (the incapacitated person does not have to live in the home); or
  • participating in a drug addiction or alcoholic treatment and rehabilitation program; or
  • receiving Unemployment Insurance; or
  • residing in an area of the state where SNAP E & T contracted provider slots are not available for effective participation.

The SNAP E & T Program also serves:

  • exempt and nonexempt SNAP clients who are noncustodial parents of TANF children and who are ordered by the court to take part in Earnfare;
  • noncustodial parents of TANF children who are not receiving SNAP benefits but are ordered by the court to take part in Earnfare;
  • volunteers (exempt SNAP clients ).

NOTE: See PM 21-01-00 and PM 03-12-00 for policy related to participation of Family and Children Assistance cases.