PM 21-04-01-a.

Screen adults in the TANF assistance unit with whom you come in contact. Screen them at:

  • intake,
  • REDE,
  • when a case is SWAPPED from Medical to Cash, and
  • any face-to-face meeting with the client if there are indications that the client may have a substance abuse problem.

Screening is a first step that identifies the possibility that a client has an alcohol or substance abuse problem. If there are indications the client may have a problem, use the RD&C Referral (Form 2151C) to refer the client. Update the Service Plan in VCM or enter Activity Code 715, Referral to Outside Entity, in Item 60.

The treatment provider or MCO makes the actual determination as to whether the client has a problem that requires treatment. If the Form 2151C is returned showing treatment is recommended, update the Service Plan in VCM or enter Activity Code 783, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Treatment Program, in Item 60 with the average weekly participation hours and other required information.

The provider reports the client's progress through completion of Change Progress Report Form - Specialized Response (Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic revised textor Sexual Violence) (Form 2151B).