PM 21-03-05-a.

  1. (FCRC/Provider) When the client is approved to participate in Job Skills Training, provide the client with a copy of the RSP. Also give them a supply of Monthly Activity Reports (Form 2606) unless other procedures have been established to verify attendance with the school.
  2. (FCRC) Be sure the client understands activity requirement policy; tell them about the cash penalties for failure and refusal to cooperate.
  3. (FCRC) Update the Service Plan in VCM or enter Activity Code 222, Job Skills Training, in Item 60 with the average weekly participation hours. Allow one hour of study time for each credit hour of class. If the training is not defined by credit hours, use actual class hours. Determine the weekly average by dividing monthly hours by 4. Round up any fraction of an hour.

    NOTE: If Job Skills Training is a Work First Pay-After-Performance activity, include the Job Skills Training hours in Work First code 211. Update as needed. 

  4. (FCRC/Provider) When the client reaches their goal or another activity is more appropriate, help the client revise their RSP.
  5. (FCRC) Update the Service Plan in VCM or enter the new activity code or close-out code 999, if needed.