WAG 21-03-02-b.

  1. The client must maintain satisfactory progress as defined and reported by the educational facility. The client must keep a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of C or above if the school issues grades.

    If the client's GPA falls below a C in an academic term, the client must improve to a cumulative GPA of C or above by the end of the next academic term. They may have more than one academic term below a C average during enrollment as long as the terms are not consecutive.

    When grades are not used, satisfactory progress is determined by the written policy of the school.

    Proof of satisfactory progress must be provided at the end of each term, or twice a year if the program continues for 12 months. The client is responsible for submitting the progress report unless it is submitted by the school. 

  2. Proof of participation (i.e., attendance statements, educational records and reports) must be provided monthly or more often if requested.

    The client must participate the assigned number of hours each week unless special circumstances prevent the client from doing so. 

  3. The client must complete all scheduled program hours each academic term to maintain satisfactory progress, except in the following situation.

    If the client withdraws from one or more scheduled courses during an academic term, they must complete all scheduled hours during the next academic term. The client may withdraw from one or more scheduled classes in more than one academic term if they are not consecutive terms. 

  4. Curriculum changes must be consistent with the Responsibility and Services Plan.