WAG 21-03-01-b.

  1. Participation hour requirements do not apply to clients in Basic Education, unless the client is subject to the work requirement. However the client must be enrolled full-time, as defined by the school, or as many hours as practical for the family situation. Proof of participation (i.e., attendance statements, educational records and reports) must be provided monthly or more often if requested.
  2. The client must make satisfactory progress. Satisfactory progress is determined by the written policy of the school or program. Proof of satisfactory progress must be provided at the end of each term, or twice a year if the program continues for 12 months. The client is responsible for submitting the progress report unless it is submitted by the school.
  3. The client must obtain prior approval before making curriculum changes. Prior approval is granted when the curriculum change is consistent with the Responsibility and Services Plan.