WAG 21-03-01-a.

A client may participate in Basic Education when:

  1. The client:
    • does not have a high school diploma or GED; or

      NOTE: If the client's goals in the Responsibility and Services Plan do not require a high school diploma or GED, the client may be in another activity if they are age 21 or over. For clients under age 21, see PM 14-12-00

    • has limited English language skills; or
    • does not read at or above a 9.0 grade level; or
    • needs remedial education below the postsecondary level (at the high school level or below). This includes clients who are enrolled in both remedial and college credit course work when the college credit course work is less than half of the total scheduled hours.
  2. The program is accredited under Illinois law, such as community colleges or Illinois State Board of Education adult education providers.
  3. The program is needed for the client to meet an employment goal.
  4. The client is (or will be) enrolled full-time as defined by the school, unless a full-time program is not available or appropriate or the client must meet the work requirement (see PM 21-03-01-c).
  5. When 2 or more programs of comparable quality are available, the client has chosen the program requiring the least costly supportive services or less time to complete.
  6. The client:
    • has participated in the activity for less than 24 months (months in which the client is approved for Basic Education but has good cause for not participating do not count toward the 24-month limit), or
    • is attending regular elementary or high school.

Co-enrollment in Basic Education and Vocational Training is encouraged if the client has not completed high school.