WAG 21-02-06-g.

Cook Family Community Resource Centers

Refer the client to the appropriate provider. After the referral to the provider:

  • Work with the provider to arrange any FCRC call-in schedule.
  • Conduct monthly staffings with the provider (see PM 02-09-05-c). At monthly staffings, assess client progress.
  • Verify monthly to the provider that the cases are in zero grant reason B.
  • Budget the Work First payment for SNAP, if the Work First participant is a component SNAP only member of another case (see WAG 21-02-06-l).
  • Remove the case from Work First when notified of employment by the provider. Change the case to an Earned Income REDE Status; see WAG 19-07-02.

    NOTE: The provider may continue to work with the client to improve employment skills if agreed upon with the Family Community Resource Center. 

  • Notify the provider of SWAPs, cancellations, change in benefits, employment, or other case actions within 48 hours.
  • If cash benefits are reinstated after being canceled or SWAPped to Medical, refer the client back to the Work First provider, if still appropriate.

Downstate Family Community Resource Centers:

  • solicit employers for Work Experience slots;
  • complete Work First/Work Experience Agreement;
  • assign a client to Pay-After-Performance and, if needed, Supplemental activities;
  • determine the number of Pay-After-Performance hours and hourly reduction rate;
  • make system entries;
  • conduct orientation;
  • issue and collect client report forms;
  • provide supportive services; and
  • authorize payment to the client based on the number of completed Pay-After-Performance hours.