WAG 21-02-06-b.

Each month in Work First, the client must complete their Pay-After-Performance assignment for the required number of hours to earn their monthly cash benefit.

The client must participate in Supplemental activities to reach federal participation requirements (see WAG 25-03-15) if Pay-After-Performance hours plus any work preparation and/or study time hours are less than:

  • 30 hours per week for an 04 case, or
  • 35 hours per week for an 06 case.

A client may be required to participate in Supplemental activities, even when they meet federal participation hour requirements, if the activity is needed to reach self-sufficiency.

Both Pay-After-Performance and Supplemental activities must usually be federally countable activities (see WAG 25-03-15). If the client's situation merits it, the LOA (or designee) can approve exceptions to include noncountable activities as Pay-After-Performance and/or Supplemental activities for the client.

If the client participates in any of the following activities, do not assign additional activities unless the provider recommends it: