WAG 21-02-05-b

  1. The person must perform their work assignment for the required number of hours per month. The parents in an 06 case may both participate and share the hours if child care is not required.

    Determine the assigned hours for a calendar month by adding: 

    • the family's TANF payment;
    • their SNAP benefits;
    • any cash and SNAP recoupment amounts; and
    • any sanction amount for a Child Support, School Attendance Initiative, or Activity sanction.

      NOTE: You may place a client who is sanctioned in Work Experience only if they have cooperated with the sanction reason. If they have not cooperated, do not place them in Work Experience.

      Use the amount of benefits expected for that month. If the TANF unit and the SNAP unit are not the same, prorate the SNAP benefits plus the SNAP recoupment, if any, to determine the TANF unit's share.

      Revised text Divide the total benefits by the state minimum wage (see WAG 25-06-08). Drop any fraction of an hour. This is the number of hours per month the client/parents are assigned to work. Divide by 4 to get the weekly participation hours. Round up fractional hours. Do not assign clients/parents to a work site for more than 40 hours per week or 160 hours per month.

      After figuring the on-site work hours, allow an additional 5 hours per week of work preparation time when counting weekly participation hours 

  2. The client must:
    • complete 20 employer contacts in each 30-day period (see PM 21-02-04) unless the client is in an education and training program;
    • accept a bona fide offer of suitable employment (see PM 03-13-01-a);
    • participate in another work and training activity to reach the required number of hours if:
      • an 04 case is participating less than 120 hours per month (30 hours per week), or
      • an 06 case is participating less than 140 hours per month (35 hours per week).
  3. The client must report on time, as scheduled, to the Work Experience employer when they are told of their assignment. When they cannot report to the assignment or they will be late, they must notify the employer right away.