PM 21-02-05-a.

  1. (FCRC) When the client is approved to participate in Work Experience, provide the client with a copy of the Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP). Explain participation requirements to the client.
  2. (FCRC)  Be sure the client understands activity requirement policy; tell them about the cash penalties for failure and refusal to cooperate.
  3. (FCRC)  Determine how many hours the client must work:
    • Add the monthly cash benefit, cash recoupment, sanction amount, FS benefits, and FS recoupment. If the TANF unit and the FS unit are not the same, compute and use the TANF unit's prorated share of the FS benefits and FS recoupment.
    • Revised textDivide the total by the state minimum wage (see WAG 25-06-08) to determine the number of assigned on-site work hours per month, not to exceed 160 hours per month. Drop any fraction of an hour. Determine the weekly hours by dividing the monthly hours by 4. Round up any fraction of an hour.
  4. (FCRC)  Set up an appointment for the client with a service provider or Work Experience employer via the RD&C Referral Form (Form 2151C) and give a copy to the client.
    1. If referred directly to an employer, give the client a supply of Monthly Activity Reports (Form 2606). Indicate how many employer contacts are required. Tell the client to submit the completed Form 2606 to the employer by the first day of the month following the report month. Include the submittal date on Form 4003. Be sure the employer also has a supply of Form 2606.
    2. If referred to a service provider, enter Activity Code 3715 in Item 60. Attach copy of the RSP to Form 2151C.
  5. (FCRC) Send Form 2151C (with attachment, if applicable) to the referral liaison.
  6. Revised text (FCRC) Update the Service Plan in VCM or enter Activity Code 0530, Work Experience, in Item 60, when client is referred directly to an employer. Enter referral code 3715 in Item 60 when the client is referred to a service provider. Replace code 3715 with code 3530 or update the Service Plan in VCM when Form 2151C is returned by the service provider showing assignment with an employer.
    1. Compute the number of weekly participation hours. Use the actual work hours scheduled for the month, plus 20 hours of work preparation time (5 hours per week). Divide by 4. Round up any fraction of an hour.

      NOTE: If a client is in a Work Experience assignment as a part of their Work First Pay-After-Performance activity, include the Work Experience hours in Work First code 211. Update as needed. 

  7. (FCRC) Review the work assignment at least at each REDE. Revise the RSP or change the work assignment, if needed.
  8. (FCRC/Provider) When the client reaches their employment goal or another activity is more appropriate, help the client revise their RSP.
    1. (Provider) Obtains DHS approval of RSP changes and sends copy of the RSP to FCRC with Form 2151A.
  9. (FCRC) Update the Service Plan in VCM or revise the activity code, as appropriate.