WAG 21-02-04-b.

The client must attend all scheduled classes, workshops, and sessions and make satisfactory progress, as defined by the written policy of the job search provider and approved by the Department.

The client must be notified in writing of all scheduled sessions. Sessions include a discussion of progress and job seeking skills exercises.

The client must complete 20 employer contacts every 30 days if employer contacts are the major activity. If attending classes/workshops is the major activity, the client must complete 10 employer contacts every 30 days.

Employer contacts include:

  1. completion and return of an application to an employer;
  2. face-to-face contact with an employer or representative;
  3. completion of a civil service test required for employment with State, local or Federal government or the completion of a Department of Employment Security (DES) or Illinois Employment and Training Center (IETC) screening test;
  4. completion and mailing of a resume and cover letter to a recognized employer (only 5 per month count);
  5. union members verified to be in good standing with their union reporting to their union hall each day (5 days per week) (counts as one contact per week); or
  6. DES/IETC registration (counts as one employer contact). The worker and client determine the number and type(s) of employer contact(s) that are most effective in getting the type of job the client wants.

Employer contacts must be documented in writing by the client and provided to the worker.

Require clients to register with DES/IETC and to follow up on referrals. The client must show up for job referrals, accept suitable employment, and respond to requests from the Department or contractors.