PM 21-02-04-a.

  1. (FCRC/Provider) When the client is approved to participate in Job Search/Job Readiness, provide the client with a copy of the RSP. Explain the participation requirements to the client.
  2. (FCRC/Provider) Be sure the client understands activity requirement policy; tell them about the cash penalties for failure and refusal to cooperate.
  3. (FCRC/Provider) Give the client Job Search Notice and Report (Form 2329J) to report employer contacts. Indicate how many contacts are required. Schedule the first follow-up appointment on the Form 2329J. Tell the client to submit the completed Form 2329J at the next appointment.
  4. (FCRC) When the Family Community Resource Center approves the client for Job Search/Job Readiness as the only activity update the Service Plan in VCM or enter activity code 0200, Job Search/Job Readiness, in Item 60 with the average number of weekly participation hours. To determine the weekly average, use the actual hours scheduled for job readiness sessions for the month, plus 4 hours times the required number of employer contacts for the month. Divide by 4 weeks.

    NOTE: Do not code Job Search/Job Readiness as a separate activity if the client is participating in Work Experience, Work First, or Community Service. 

  5. (FCRC/Provider) When the client reaches their employment goal or another activity is more appropriate, the local office/provider meets with the client and revises their RSP. Provider notifies FCRC by attaching a copy of the RSP to Form 2151A.
  6. (FCRC) Update the Service Plan in VCM or enter the new activity code in Item 60. If the client is no longer in an activity, close out the activity in the Service Plan in VCM or enter close-out code 999 in Item 60.