PM 21-02-01-b.

  1. (FCRC/Provider) Review progress sheets for each client identified on Form 4333 as needing an in-depth review.
  2. (FCRC/Provider) Review all resources available to the client.
  3. (FCRC/Provider) Discuss appropriateness of current activities.
  4. (FCRC/Provider) Discuss new strategies to improve client participation.
  5. (FCRC/Provider) Share information which may be unknown to one another.
  6. (FCRC/Provider) Reach a decision on the appropriate next steps for the client.
  7. (FCRC/Provider) Review and finalize Form 4334.
    1. Indicate any changes recommended for the client's RSP (e.g., change of work assignment, change in work schedule, placement in another activity).
    2. (FCRC) Schedule and hold a meeting with the client to follow-up on the changes to the RSP.

      NOTE: The follow-up meeting may include other parties. 

  8. (FCRC) Keep a copy of Form 4334.