WAG 21-02-01-b.

The FCRC and the provider conduct in-depth staffings for each client who:

  • is having problems;
  • is not progressing; or
  • has been in Work First for 6, 9, or 12 months.

Other selection criteria for client review include:

  • poor level of client engagement;
  • length of time participating in program;
  • client receiving 3rd party services, such as mental health or substance abuse counseling; and
  • other identified problems.

The FCRC Referral Liaison, Provider Representative, and other interested parties work together as a team to get the client back on track. A decision is reached on the appropriate next steps for the client. Other interested parties may be providers of 3rd party treatment or other professionals involved in the client's plan. The team:

  • Reviews the client's family situation.
  • Reviews all resources available to the client.
  • Discusses appropriateness of current activity(ies).
  • Brainstorms new strategies to improve client participation.
  • Shares information which may be unknown to other parties.

An in-depth staffing may result in a revision of the RSP by either the FCRC or provider in consultation with the client. Revision of the RSP requires that the FCRC worker or provider schedule a meeting to follow-up with the client. The follow-up meeting may include other parties.