WAG 21-01-05-b

Acceptable proof of the claim of domestic or sexual violence may include:

  • a written statement from anyone other than the applicant or client, who has knowledge of the circumstances that supports the statement;
  • a police report, government agency record, or court record;
  • a statement, or other documentation, from a domestic or sexual violence program or rape crisis organization from whom the person sought services or advice;
  • documentation from a lawyer, clergy person, medical professional, or other professional from whom the person sought domestic or sexual violence services or advice;
  • other evidence, such as physical evidence of violence; or
  • any other credible evidence that supports the claim, new textincluding the statement of the client.

Revised TextNever contact the person named to be the abuser or perpetrator, the abuser's or perpetrator's family, or any other person named by the applicant or client to be unsafe to contact, to verify the abuse or violence.

Do not require participation in work and training activities while the person is obtaining proof of the domestic or sexual violence.

If someone needs help in obtaining proof, help them obtain the needed proof. If the FCRC needs to contact a 3rd party to obtain proof of the domestic or sexual violence claim, the applicant or client must give their written consent.

Never contact a 3rd party without the applicant's or client's written consent.