WAG 21-01-01-d.

Review the client's participation monthly, as reported by the client or the service provider. Review the client's plan and revise, if necessary:

  • before assignment to, or upon completion of, an activity;
  • if the client shows a lack of effort in an activity or fails to make sufficient progress in an education and training program;
  • upon the request of the client;
  • upon completion of an academic term;
  • upon referral from the Department of Employment Security (DES), other agencies, or community groups;
  • at least once every 6 months (at REDE); and
  • at any time deemed appropriate under the Responsibility and Services Plan.

The client's plan may be revised based on the client's rate of progress or a change in the client's employment goal or family status. Final approval of work and training participation rests with the worker or provider who helps the client review and revise the plan (or the mediator, during reconciliation). Give the client a copy of the Responsibility and Services Plan: Goal Setting, each time it is revised.