PM 21-01-01-c.

Give to the client and discuss with them the following forms (or a copy) when participation in a work and training activity is approved:

  • Responsibility and Services Plan (Form 4003 series);
  • Answers to Your Questions, TANF (Form 4047);
  • I Got A Job (Form 3022);
  • Your Child Care Choices (Form 3332);
  • In Illinois, Work Pays (Form 3496); and
  • "Don't Get Short Changed" (IRS brochure).

Also issue forms needed to document participation in the specific activity. Complete the Work and Training Activities section of Item 60 for the client. If the client will begin the activity before the month the coding is effective, issue a Mercury payment for the first month of job search and work activity allowances and transportation. Make a referral for child care and authorize payment for other supportive services as needed.

New text Refer clients for literacy testing or a determination of English language proficiency to your local community college or education provider. Make the referral on the automated Referral Form (Form 2151C) via the RD&C. Select Literacy Trng/Test under the Education/Training service need. The community college or education provider serving your area appears in the list of available resources.