PM 21-01-01-b.

  1. (Worker) Set up an appointment for the client with a contractor, community resource, or other service provider via the RD&C Referral (Form 2151C). Include the appointment date, time, location, and contact person. If applicable, indicate on the referral Level 1 or Level 2 and if the client meets the 70% or the 30% criteria for the Welfare to Work program.
  2. (Worker) Ask the client if they need child care and/or transportation.
    1. If the client needs help finding a child care provider, refer them directly to the CCR&R. Tell the client they may reschedule the appointment, if necessary, to a time when child care is available.
    2. If the client has a child care provider, give them a Child Care Application (Form 3455). Tell them to complete it with the child care provider and return it within 10 days. Tell them payment will be sent to the provider after the completed form is returned if it is legal care.
  3. (Worker) When applicable, note on Form 2151C that the Family Community Resource Center plans to issue initial payments for child care and transportation and forward the Form 3455 to the CCR&R. Attach a copy of the RSP to the Form 2151C. Give copies of the forms to the client. Include a copy of the Family Assessment with the Form 2151C to the service provider if their agreement requests it. Route the original referral form and attachments to the Family Community Resource Center referral liaison.
  4. (Worker) Issue transportation for the client to get to and from the referral appointment(s).

    NOTE: Some providers have funds to make the monthly transportation payments after the client is assigned to an activity. If the provider does not have such funds, they will include on their response to Form 2151C the information the local office needs to determine and authorize an automated monthly transportation payment. 

  5. (Worker) Enter Activity Code 3715, Referral to Outside Entity, in Item 60 when you refer the client to a service provider for placement in a work and training activity other than Work First. For Work First referrals, enter Activity Code 3211, Work First.
  6. (Worker) When Form 3455 is returned, issue a redirected Mercury payment for child care (minus the copayment amount) for up to the first 30 days. If there is an ongoing need for child care, also send the completed Form 3455 to the local CCR&R with a Notice to Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (Form 4022) and a copy of the client's RSP (Form 4003 series). Note on Form 4022 the amount and period covered by the initial child care payment.
  7. (Liaison) Logs the referral and forwards it to the service provider.
  8. (Provider) Responds to the Family Community Resource Center on the same Form 2151C regarding the result of the referral.
    1. When the client did not request child care from the Family Community Resource Center but requests it from the provider, the provider has client and child care provider complete Form 3455. Provider makes an initial child care payment and forwards Form 3455 with Form 4022 to CCR&R, including information about the initial payment. This is noted on the Form 2151 response.
    2. When applicable, response includes information the Family Community Resource Center needs to determine and authorize an automated monthly transportation payment.
  9. (Liaison) Records the provider's response and forwards Form 2151C to the worker who has the case.
  10. (Worker) Change the Item 60 activity code as appropriate or enter the activity in the Service Plan in VCM. Enter a transportation amount when applicable. Do not enter the job search or work activity allowance; these are centrally issued, when applicable, based only on the activity code.
    1. Change to the code for the activity in which the client has been placed by the service provider.
    2. If the service provider rejected the referral, refer the client to another provider. Reenter the 3715 code with the new provider's activity manager code. If referral is not appropriate, place the client in an activity monitored by the FCRC and enter zero with the 3-digit activity code and the Family Community Resource Center activity manager code.
    3. Begin the reconciliation process if the client missed the appointment, except for Work First. See WAG 21-02-06-k for Work First clients who miss the appointment.
  11. (Provider) Reports the client's participation and progress to the Family Community Resource Center every 30 days on Change/Progress Report (Form 2151A). Reports any change (including failure to cooperate) on Form 2151A within 2 workdays. When applicable, initiates 2 month outreach.
  12. (Liaison) Controls for receipt of Form 2151A monthly.
    1. Contacts provider if form is not received.
    2. Records receipt of form and forwards it to client's worker.
  13. (Worker) Take action as required, based on Form 2151A received from service provider.
  14. (Worker) Report changes to the service provider. Complete and send Form 2151A within 2 workdays of the change.