PM 21-01-01.

At application and each REDE:

  1. Discuss work, training, and other activities with the client, including:
    • employment opportunities and the benefits of WORK PAYS;
    • education and training;
    • work experience;
    • available supportive services, such as child care and transportation;
    • exemption reasons, barriers, and good cause for nonparticipation; and
    • client and agency responsibilities.

      NOTE: If the family contains a parent under age 20, also provide information about Teen Parent Services (TPS). 

  2. Explain the participation requirement and the penalties for failure and refusal to comply.
  3. Tell the client how many months of their 60-month limit they have used and how many are left. Complete and give them YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335).
  4. Give to all clients and discuss with them the following forms at Intake. At REDE, give them to the client and discuss when a work and training activity is first included in their Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP):
    • Answers to Your Questions, TANF (Form 4047);
    • In Illinois, Work Pays (Form 3496);
    • Affordable Child Care (Form 3211);
    • Child Care and the TANF Work Requirement (Form 4336); and
    • "Don't Get Short-Changed" (IRS brochure).
  5. Staff is notified by turnaround Form 552 of approved applications and changes in case information for clients with new Item 73 codes of 9 or P (or Item 68 codes of 3, 5, 6, or 7) who must have a work and training activity included in their plan by the next REDE.
  6. When the client is placed in an activity, enter the activity code(s) and related information in the Work and Training Activities section of Item 60 or through the Service Plan in VCM. A total of 3 activities may be entered on Form 552. Update the coding each time the information changes.

    Revised textNOTE: Many treatment providers include activities like Job Search, Community Service, Work Experience, and Vocational Training along with the group therapy and counseling they provide the client. Some of the additional activities may count toward the federal participation rate and for that reason need to be tracked. When a client in a treatment program is placed in other activities by the provider, code the activities (up to 3 total) in the work and training field.

    Example: Revised textA mental health provider is working with a client. The client receives 4 hours of counseling and group therapy per week as part of her treatment. The client improves and the provider includes 10 hours a week of Job Search in the client's plan along with the group therapy and counseling. Code Item 60 to show the 10 hours of Job Search (code 200) and the 4 hours of mental health treatment (code 788). 

  7. File in the case record a copy of all notices, employment information, and any other documents and forms sent to the client that are related to work and training activity.
  8. Provide the Spanish version of forms and notices when the client is not fluent in English and is included in a Spanish Language Unit (SLU). The client is identified by code 2, 3, or 4 in Item 21 on Form 552.

NOTE: Provide the Spanish version upon request to clients not in an SLU.