WAG 21-01-01.

To qualify for TANF benefits, an applicant or client must cooperate when approved to participate in work, training, and other self-sufficiency activities as part of their RSP. The following persons who receive TANF benefits may take part in work and training:

  • adults;
  • minor custodial parents; and
  • children in Youth Opportunity.

An unemployed noncustodial parent may be ordered by the court to take part when they:

  • live in Illinois; and
  • do not receive GA; and
  • have a child(ren) who receives TANF in Illinois.

A person who is not listed above may receive information and referral services only. They cannot take part in Department-sponsored activities or receive supportive services.

NOTE: See PM 21-01-03 for persons who are exempt. An exempt person may choose to include a work, training, and other self-sufficiency activity in their Responsibility and Services Plan.

Approve an eligible family member to participate in one or more of the work, training, or other self-sufficiency activities when completing or revising the Responsibility and Services Plan.

Many treatment providers include activities like Job Search, Community Service, Work Experience, and Vocational Training along with the group therapy and counseling they provide the client. When a client in a treatment program is placed in other activities by the provider, code all the activities in the work and training field.