PM 19-07-05

revised textUse the income reported with Form 4765 to prospectively determine eligibility and benefit amount for the new 6-month period, unless the client reports a change. If a change is reported and proof is not available, use the client's statement of what the earnings will be. The estimate may be based on the person's statement such as but not limited to rate of pay, hours of work, and number of expected paychecks. Document the method used to project the future income. revised textFor PSI, if a change in income is reported during the PSI interview, accept the amount of earned income reported as a change during the PSI interview. No other action is needed, do not request paystubs.  See PM 13-02-01. 

revised textThe income reported with Form 4765 is the income from the last 30 days. revised textIf the pay verification used to determine the budget for the new 6-month period is not from the last 30 days, document what verification was used to figure best estimate and why.