WAG 19-07-04-b

The mail-in EZ REDE application is sent to the unit the last week of the calendar month before the last month of the approval period. 

EZ REDE customers who qualify to use the Phone System Interview (PSI) are sent a notice with the mail-in EZ REDE application.  The mail-in application form does not need to be sent in if the PSI is used.  See PM 19-07-04-a.  revised textIf the PSI option is not used, the unit must complete and return the mail-in application and provide proof of earnings for the last 30 days.  Except for the requirement for a face-to-face interview, other REDE policy applies. Refer to PM 19-03-03 for SNAP and PM 19-02-01 for TANF.

If the mail-in REDE form is incomplete, or unsigned, or verification is needed, send a written request to the unit. Allow the unit 10 calendar days to take the required action.

If the unit does not provide the required information by the 10th calendar day, deny the SNAP REDE application on the first workday after the 10th calendar day. If the missing verification is for an expense deduction, process the application without the deduction.

For TANF, the case is ineligible for cash.  If the unit does not complete the required action(s) within 10 days, place the case in zero grant. The case is centrally SWAPPED to FHP after 2 months.