PM 19-07-01

What is a Mid-Point Reporting Unit?

 A Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) unit is a regular roll:

  • TANF case (with or without) SNAP and the case hasrevised manual text earned income, and
  •  any case with SNAP benefits except:
    • SNAP cases where all the adults in the SNAP unit are qualifying members and the case has no earned income. All the adults in the SNAP unit are qualifying members if:
      • age 60 or older; or
      • if under age 60, then an adult is all persons in the SNAP unit who are age 18 or older and are receiving income from one of the following sources :Primary RSDI Retirement Benefits (503), Primary RSDI Disability Benefits (510), RSDI Benefits as a Disabled Widow/Widower or Disabled Child (511), Railroad Retirement Benefits (514), Veteran's Benefits (517), Federal, State, or Municipal Retirement (519), or Supplemental Security Income (691).
  • TANF cases with SNAP and the case has no earned income.
  • revised manual textSNAP cases of persons residing in DuPage County who are subject to SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits, regardless of Office of Choice (PM 03-25-01)

Note: Active cases with SNAP for residents of DuPage County subject to the SNAP Work Requirement (regardless of Office of Choice) were converted in the Legacy System to Change Reporting prior to IES Phase 2 Go Live. Initial applications and REDEs for persons residing in DuPage County are to be approved in Change Reporting status.

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