PM 19-05-02.

  1. Contact Medical cases that are REDEd centrally and cases that are not REDEd.

    NOTE: The cases are identified on the "SNAP Units Receiving Notice Form 1893 or 4893." The cases are listed in the section named "SNAP units in the 12th Month of a 24 Month SNAP Certification." Use the report to determine when a contact is due on the specified Medical cases or IA cases. 

  2. Take action within 45 days if a case is listed in the section "SNAP units in the 12th Month of a 24 Month SNAP Certification":
    • Contact the cases listed on the report by telephone.
    • Ask the client if any changes have occurred.
    • Document the phone contact and changes reported on Form 514 add textin ACM and save to Content Management.
    • Take prompt action on changes reported.
    1. If the SNAP unit cannot be contacted by phone:
      • Send Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721), instructing the unit to contact their worker.
      • Document on Form 514 revised textin ACM that Form 1721 was sent and save to Content Management.
      • File a copy of Form 1721 in the case record.
    2. If the SNAP unit does not respond to Form 1721:
      • Send Form 157.
      • Cancel FS benefits for failure to cooperate in determining continued eligibility.