PM 19-03-06-b.

When the SNAP Unit files an SNAP REDE application before the end of the current SNAP benefits approval period, schedule an interview with the unit. Revised textFor EZ REDE Units, see WAG 19-07-04.

At the SNAP REDE interview, give the client Reporting Changes - SNAP (Form 2777). If a person in the SNAP Unit has to meet the work requirement, issue SNAP benefits Work Requirement Fact Sheet (Form 3674). If they indicate that they now do or want to do volunteer community work, issue Volunteer Community Work Information (Form 3673) and explain its use.

If the unit does not appear for the scheduled SNAP REDE interview, deny the application.

When an SNAP unit requests a waiver of the Family Community Resource Center interview, record the decision to grant or deny the request in the case file (see WAG 02-06-01-b).