WAG 19-03-03.

A SNAP REDE involves:

  • completing an application;
  • conducting an interview, except for the mail-in EZ REDE or for EZ REDEs that qualify for an automated Phone Interview.

Note: For SNAP units containing a unit member who is employed, schedule a phone interview instead of a face-to-face interview at the Family Community Resource Center unless the SNAP unit requests a face-to-face interview. If the SNAP unit requests a face-to-face interview conduct one.

  • review of eligibility; and
  • SNAP unit cooperation.

NOTE: See PM 19-07-04 for the REDE process on EZ REDE units and revised textMid-Point Reporting units (see PM 19-07-01).

If a SNAP unit files a timely SNAP REDE application, provide benefits for the new approval period by the unit's usual mailing date.

Do not extend the approval period without a new application or request.