WAG 19-02-06-c.

The Family Assessment and the RSP are working documents. At each contact with the client, reassess the family's situation. New or additional supportive services may be provided, if needed, to help the family.

Continue to involve the client in identifying:

  • new barriers,
  • established barriers that may have been missed earlier, and
  • new referrals or connections which may help the client.

See the client face-to-face at least once a month to review the RSP and to see how they are progressing. See the client more frequently than once a month if the family's circumstances warrant it. For example, a family that has multiple barriers present may require more frequent contact to monitor progress.

Revise the RSP, if necessary. As needed, provide new or additional supportive services to help the family reach their goals.

Throughout service coordination, maintain communication with providers who are working with the family. This helps to make sure the client's efforts toward maximum independence continue as efficiently as possible.