WAG 19-02-02-d.

If reapplication is made within 4 months of the last month a spenddown case was active, use the short-form application process.

Example: The last month of a 12-month enrollment period is May. The spenddown case is canceled by the system effective June because the person had not met spenddown in any of the last 3 months. If the person reapplies in June, July, August, or September, reapplication is made on the short application form. If reapplication is made in November or thereafter, regular application procedures apply.

At reapplication, reinstate the case if:

  • spenddown is met for at least one month of the 12-month enrollment period or
  • a person is on a waiting list for a transplant or would be put on a waiting list for a transplant if they were enrolled in spenddown.

Deny the case if none of the above conditions is met.

When reestablishing spenddown enrollment and/or eligibility for persons reapplying on the short application form, verify income only. Send a notice of disposition on the reapplication.