PM 19-02-01-c.

revised textA TANF REDE is required every 12 months.

revised textA REDE interview must be completed, whether in person or by telephone. 

Revised TextForm 4002C is mailed to the client in the 12th month following the month of the last opening date of the case and every 12 months thereafter. For example, if the last opening date is 12/01, a REDE form is sent every December.

Form 4002C is centrally mailed to the client on the same day as the cash benefit is issued. The client is instructed to complete the Form 4002C and mail it into the office by the 6th calendar day following the benefit availability date.

When the client returns Form 4002C, complete the REDE (see WAG 19-02-01-d).

If the client does not return the REDE form by the due date, provide them with another Form 4002 and a due date for its receipt in the LO.

If the client fails to return the REDE, the case has been active for at least 12 months, and a REDE has not been completed within the last 12 months, cancel the case using TAR 87. Otherwise, put the case in zero grant status reason 2 using TA 31 with TAR 35.