PM 19-02-01-b.

A TANF REDE is required every 6 months for cases that:

  • contain earned income for either TANF or SNAP, and
  • receive SNAP on their TANF case.

Revised textThese cases are in EZ REDE status and are coded R in Item 36. 

The due date of the REDE is governed by the last month of the SNAP approval period listed in Item 24 of Form 552. Whether the REDE must be completed face-to-face or as a mail-in depends on the Supplied By code listed in Item 80 code 656 EI RD. A Supplied By code M indicates that the next REDE is a mail in. A code F indicates that the next REDE is a face-to-face.

Revised textSee WAG 19-07-04 for the EZ REDE process and WAG 19-02-01-d for TANF related instructions.