WAG 15-08-04-a.

For cases in spenddown status, recalculate the spenddown amount when one of the following changes occurs:

  • Change in income. Determine new countable monthly income amount for comparison to the Income Standard.
  • Change in assets (AABD Medical only). Recalculate the amount of nonexempt assets for comparison to the asset limit, when the client acquires a new asset or verifies that an asset is no longer available (not simply reduced). For LTC and SLF cases, determine if the transfer is allowable.
  • Change in persons in the Income Standard. When there is a change in the persons in the Income Standard, recalculate countable monthly income, and for AABD Medical nonexempt assets, if changed. If the number of persons has changed, compare income, and for AABD Medical assets, to the new Income Standard and asset limit.

Notify the client of the new spenddown amount.

If spenddown is reduced to where the case is immediately eligible for Medicaid coverage, authorize the coverage beginning with the first day the reduced spenddown was met.