PM 15-08-03.

  1. When a client or someone in their behalf asks to determine if spenddown has been met, ask them to send or bring in medical expenses.
  2. Immediately determine if spenddown is met, when medical bills/receipts are received. The determination should be made through ASDS or by entering the Form 552 in the computer within 2 workdays of the day the bills were received in the Family Community Resource Center. See WAG 15-08-05 for proof of allowable medical costs.
    1. Use Summary of Medical Expense - MANG Spenddown (Form 2430ASP) or ASDS, to figure whether spenddown is met. List the medical costs for which proof is provided in the following order:
      • Receipts, including carryover amounts from receipts used in previous months, subject to the 6-month limit on the use of receipts. Use the oldest receipt first.
      • Medical bills, including carryover amounts from bills used in previous months. Use the oldest bill first. Consider bills for the current month by service date (oldest first).

Use more than one Form 2430ASP when necessary.