WAG 15-04-02

new textPolicy contained in PM/WAG 15-04-02-a through 15-04-02-f relates to pre-MAGI/legacy budget methodology.

New InformationFor information about MAGI budgeting methodology see the policy memo, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Budgeting for Medical.

Determine the amount of monthly nonexempt income using calendar months. Monthly nonexempt income minus allowable deductions is countable monthly income, which is compared to the income standard for the size of the unit.

Policy in PM 08-01-00 regarding how to consider income applies unless otherwise noted in this chapter.

Eligibility for Medical for persons living in the community is determined in whole dollar amounts only. Drop cents from each amount during the Medical eligibility calculation. This includes dropping cents from:

  • each paycheck for earned income,
  • each payment for unearned income,
  • the average weekly/bi-weekly amount,
  • each day care payment,
  • each revised textspousal support payment paid,
  • the gross income from self-employment after deducting appropriate self-employment expenses, and
  • revised textother allowable income deductions listed in the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Budgeting for Medical policy memo.
  • deleted text

To determine monthly income, both earned and unearned, for persons who receive a payment once a week or once every 2 weeks, and to determine day care and support payment deductions:

  1. Determine an average weekly/bi-weekly amount for the month.
  2. Multiply this amount by 4.3 if the person receives the payment weekly.
  3. Multiply this amount by 2.15 if the person receives the payment bi-weekly.

The average weekly/bi-weekly amount may vary from month to month.

If a person who is paid weekly receives less than 4 checks during a particular month or a person who is paid once every two weeks receives less than 2 checks during a particular month, use the actual amount received.