1. Identify cases that show a minor parent as payee who meets the minor parent live-at-home requirement (see PM 14-06-00).
  2. Contact (by telephone when possible) the adult who provides supervision to the minor parent living with that adult. The minor lives either with a:
    • parent;
    • legal guardian;
    • adult relative; or
    • in an adult-supervised group home.
  3. Explain the minor parent live-at-home requirement and ask the adult if they will agree to be representative payee (RPT) for the minor's TANF benefits. Tell the adult that they:
    • will receive the benefits in their name;
    • must supervise the minor's spending and use of the TANF money;
    • do not need to keep detailed records.
  4. If the adult agrees to be RPT, send Representative Payee for Teen Agreement (Form 3606) to the adult. deleted textEnclose a return envelope.

    If the adult cannot be reached by telephone contact, send them Form 3606 and a deleted text return envelope. Also send TANF Minor Parent Live-At-Home Requirements (Form 3605) to explain the policy. 

  5. Leave the minor parent as the payee for their TANF benefits when:
    • the adult does not agree to be RPT at the time you make telephone contact with them; or
    • a Form 3606 is mailed to the adult (whether telephone contact was made or not made) but a completed Form 3606 is never received back.
  6. Make the adult the representative payee for teen (RPT), when the completed and signed Form 3606 is returned.

    Leave the minor parent in the cash and medical unit, still coded as the adult caretaker in Item 62 (code 2) and Item 60 (code 1). 

  7. Once the minor reaches age 18, remove the adult as RPT and restore the minor parent's name to Item 8 of Form 552. Take this action at the first REDE, or upon request, following the minor parent's 18th birthday.

    Complete the back of Form 3606: 

    • Send the original to the former minor parent.
    • Send a copy to the former RPT.